We must return to the place of our father

Preacher : Ev Ann Mugure Kamura
Message : We must return to the place of our father
Reading : Genesis 35:1-13
Call to worship: 1Corinthians 13:13

13 ‘And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love’.

 We  need to remind ourselves that the battle does not belong to us but to our father God. We should therefore let God fight for us as when we fight for ourselves, God leaves us alone.
              From the reading, we see God talking to Jacob. This means our God is a God who talks unlike other gods. He is also a God who hears our cry. We can see this when He told Moses that He had heard the cry of the Israelites.
                 From the reading, God told Jacob to go to Bethel which was a place of worship. Jacob remembered that when he was running away from his brother Esau, he met God at Bethel.  Jacob therefore decided to go Bethel but before that he called his household and informed them of the same.
It is important to call your people at all times to inform them of what is going on.Even when you call people when may be your child is going abroad, it is important to call them when the child returns.
              Jacob told his people that they needed to remove all foreign gods/idols among them so that they may be able to go and worship God.
Whatever you glorify more than God is your idol. Be it business or people. Whatever we need is between us and God. We only need to pray for it. However some of us when we get blessed we tend to forget God. The second thing that Jacob told his people was to purify themselves. We need to purify ourselves from such things as hatred and lack of peace.

For us to have peace we ought to begin with having peace within ourselves as the book of Colossians 3:15-16 says. We at times criticise most of the things we see around us because the peace of Christ has not worked in us.We must get rid of the things that hinder us from being acceptable before God.”
           Jacob also told his people to change their clothes.
We  need to change our clothes, which are those things that make us not have fellowship with one another and with God.  The call to worship has challenged us that the greatest of all is LOVE.

Story of how monkeys…..
Story of how monkeys attacked farms in Kitale and a meeting was called by the chief on a Sunday afternoon.  People came to the meeting with some coming with their dogs. You know dogs when in public they mostly want to take the front places. One dog stretched itself and scratched another dog. The owner of the scratched dog hit the dog that scratched her dog. Then the owner of the dog that was hit attacked the lady who had hit it and there was a commotion.  By the time the chief arrived, people had taken sides and were busy fighting while the dogs were just relaxing. In the meantime , the monkeys were still devouring the farms.

Similarly,  we could be fighting on non-isssues and forgetting the real issues.
     Jacob then took the things which were not in accordance to worshiping God such as ornaments and  burned them. God came to Jacob and told him that he was blessed.
It is a great thing to be blessed as when that happens even what you touch gets blessed.
       God also told Jacob that his name will change from Jacob to Isreal.
When we return to God, He changes our names from the worst to the best. 

Illustration of how men change the way they have saved a lady whom they love in their phones. After meeting, may be he saves her by her name, after marriage he may save her as honey, later wife, later home etc. This means the name changes to the worst.
         God will change our names for the better.
 Most of the time we save people in our phones based on what they do. Such as Kamau butcher, Njoroge farmer etc. Some of these names have negative connections.
 God will change us from being known negatively to being known positively.
       The third thing that God told Jacob is that he would bear fruits.
 When we return to God, He will make us fruitful. God will make us increase even in numbers as He said that kings will even come from among us.
         God finally told Jacob that He will include him in the list of those that God had blessed such as Abraham and Isaac.
When we return  to God, He will include us among those He has already blessed.
      We have had a challenge of alcoholism mainly in  Central Kenya. Some of the affected men would even steal anything to sell to buy their drink. Due to the challenge some people resulted in locking everything in the bedroom to avoid them from being stolen. Therefore the bedrooms become so stuffy and unconducive contrary to what they are supposed to be.
    Similarly, we may have defiled our spiritual bedrooms with all sorts of evil things. God is calling us to clean our spiritual bedrooms so that He may dwell in us.

Story of a Boy….
      Story of a boy who did KCPE and would discuss with his father how the exam was in the evening after the exams. The first two days they discussed and they were happy that the boy had done well.  The third and the last day was for social studies and there was a question about which mountain lies between  Kenya and Uganda.  The boy told his father that he wrote Mt. Kenya. His father told him he was wrong since it was Mt. Elgon that lies between Kenya and Uganda. They confirmed the answer from the atlas and the boy was very disappointed that he would fail that question and he wanted to pass all questions and go to his dream high school.  The boy went to his room disappointed. He then remembered that the Bible says that when we pray, God would move mountains.  The boy therefore prayed that God would move Mt. Kenya to the boundary of Kenya and Uganda so that he could pass that question. His mother who was a member of the evangelism team tried talking to him to eat but he refused.  He challanged his mother to believe with him in his prayer but his mother thought otherwise and encouraged him that even if he failed that one question, he would still pass the rest and go to his dream school. Unfortunately, the van which was transporting the answer papers in the evening had an accident and was burned together with the answer papers for social studies.  The education officials decided to call the students of that centre early the next morning to redo the same exam and the boy had an opportunity to write the correct answer because of his faith. He challenged his parents that God had heard his prayers. When we return to God, He will hear our prayers and move mountains.

Venue: PCEA Joseph Ngwaci Memorial Church

DATE: Apr 3, 2016 

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