Burial Service Sermon of the Late Elder John Waweru

Preacher : Rev Samson Mina Wangati ( Moderator PCEA Nairobi North Presbytery)
Message : Harmony
Reading : John 14: 17-43

You have to work for harmony and thus you need to practice it just like we practice singing to be able to sing perfectly. 

– Harmony is not something that is easily gotten.
– The Bible reading tells of a family of three namely Lazarus, Martha and Mary.
– They always lived in harmony and as a result Jesus become their friend.
– They are mentioned severally in the Bible.
– They used to host Jesus and his entourage. We know how big the entourage of Jesus was.
– The friendship of Jesus and Lazarus was evident and when Lazarus fell sick, the sisters knew Jesus would come immediately they send for him.
– They knew where Jesus was and send for him with confidence he would come.
– Friends ought to have confidence in each other and know where to find each other.
– Jesus was about 3kms away from where Lazarus was and thus Jesus would have gotten to Lazarus’s hime in good time.
– However, Jesus did not go at that time but went at this own time so that God would be glorified.
– It also means that there are times when God will take time to fulfill our prayers.
– When Jesus finally got there, Lazarus was already dead and buried.
– When Jesus got there, Martha went to meet him in a friendly manner.
– Ordinarily, the family would have thought that Jesus would have left everything to be with them but this was not the case.
– But despite all that Mary and Martha had done to Jesus, he delayed in getting to their home. This would have upset them but that was not the case.
– When Martha got to Jesus, she told him that had he been there Lazarus would not have died.
– She told him so without bitterness as would have been ordinarily expected.
– What you do with your friends when  they have let you down demonstrates how you react to God in such circumstances.
– Martha choose to be better instead of being bitter with Jesus. We should emulate that.
– It is better to love than to hate when confronted with such circumstances.
– People have done a lot of damage by choosing to be bitter.
– Martha choose not to be bitter despite having reasons to do so. We should emulate the same with our families and friends.
– Jesus talked to Martha and asked her whether she still believed in him even when he had let her down. She answered in affirmative.
– Where there is harmony God commands his blessings.
– Lets learn from the example of Martha in bringing harmony in our families and friends.
– A story of a man who was being buried and when every body stood the family was left seating. The family said they didn’t know whom they were burying given what people had said about him. This shows there was no harmony in that family.
– Today we are witnessing harmony in the family of the late Elder John Waweru.
– As we have heard from the family, he used to encourage them to be united.
– When Mary heard that Jesus was outside, she went to meet him and told him exactly what Martha had said.
– That demonstrates unity in their family in that they spoke with one voice.
– In Genesis 11, we see a people deciding to build in harmony with what they had.
– God is always faithful and will be with you.
– We need harmony in all areas of our lives.
– With harmony you are going to succeed.
– Story of a great football fan who was elderly at the point of death, he choose to leave his club which he had supported all his years. People could not understand why. When he was asked why he responded that he did so so that when he dies, it will be his new club that will loose a member and not the club he had loved for many years.
– If you have to change, change for a good reason.
– Because of the harmony in Lazarus’s family, Jesus raised him from the dead.
– God commands a blessed where there is harmony.

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