Involving God

Preacher: James Minjire Maingi (from PCEA Evergreen)
Message: Involving God
Reading: John 2:1-11

– Jesus was in Cana of Galilee attending a wedding when the wine got finished.

– Jesus mother was also in the wedding and Jesus and his discplies had been invited to the wedding.
– We have also been to wedding and participated in preparation of the same.
– When the wine got finished, Jesus’s mother went to Jesus and told him they had no wine.
– Jesus asked her why she was involving him.
– His mother did not respond but told the people to do what Jesus would tell them.
– Jesus then directed them to fill the jars with water and then draw it and take it to the master of ceremony.
– When they did so, they realized that it had turned into wine.

Lessons learnt from the story are: –

1. Invite Jesus in all you do.
– Jesus was invited to the wedding and came to their rescue.
– It is very important to invite Jesus in all we do. Even when you prepare to do something, begin with prayers to invite Jesus because you never know when you may run out of resources and need Jesus.

2. Learn to involve God directly
– When Jesus’s mother talked to Jesus, he called her you woman. Jesus may have wondered why the MC or owner of the wedding were not involving him directly.
– From the above, we learnt that it is important to involve Jesus directly in whatever you are doing.
– At times we sent prayer items to others to pray for us for things we can pray directly to God.
– Gave story of when a brother had involved them to fast and pray for him when they were in campus. One brother decided to check on the brother who had asked them to pray and fast and found him in his room covering himself with a blanket eating bread yet he was supposed to be praying and fasting with them.
– It is also important to teach others to pray for themselves and especially our children even as we pray for them.
– It is important to know God is always with you despite the circumstances you may find yourself in.

3. Learn to do what God tells you to do.
– When Jesus told his mother that his time was not yet, his mother told the people to do whatever Jesus would tell them to do.
– When Isrealites complained against Moses because of thirst because the water was bitter, Moses prayed to God and God directed him to put a piece of wood into the water and it turned from bitter to sweet water.
– Logically, wood would not turn bitter water into sweet water but when God directs we need to obey for he performs according to his word.
– Gave a story of a person who went to pray in a church Nanyuki the whole night but felt nothing happened to his prayers. When morning came and as he was going home, he saw a man whose car had been involved in an accident and broken down. God spoke to assist the man but he was reluctant but eventually went and assisted the man repair his vehicle. It took them some time and eventually the vehicles was back on the road. Six months later the two men met and the man who had been assisted was looking for a manager and the man who had assisted got a job as a manager in Nanyuki. By being obedient to God, the man who was praying wqas blessed with a job.

4. Learn to be an empty vessel before God.
– There were empty vessels at the wedding which were used by Jesus in performing the miracle.
– At times we go before God full of what we think should be the way.
– It is good to learn how to be an empty vessel before God so that he may fill us.
– Don’t go to God full of answers like some students do when they pray that God will make them pass but the students carry ‘mwakenyas’ hidden within them.
– Let us learn to go before God empty without giving God direction.
– One drop of paraffin can destroy a whole drum of water.
– If we have that one drop within us it can destroy the good that God would want us to have.

5. Your ending will be better than your beginning.
– The wine that Jesus made was better than the wine they had earlier taken.
– You may have struggled in life but when you learn to trust God, your ending will be better than what you are.
– Whatever you desire, trust in God and he will provide for you and people will wonder what happened to you. Be it peace in the family, capability to serve God better or any other thing, involve and trust God and he will change you and also provide for you.
– It is good to trust and obey God even in giving tithes. Gave story of how he used his tithe to buy a good suit and after he washed and hanged it, that was the last time he saw it and does not know how it disappeared and is eager to know when he gets to heaven whether God took it personally of sent his earthly representative to pick the suit for using the tithe in the wrong way.
– Trust God and he will bless you.

So I say, live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. – Galatians 5:16



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