Gods Mysterious Ways

Preacher: Ev. George Githaiga Githinji
Message: Jesus a Righteous Man
Reading: Luke 23:44-47

  • Our hope as Christians is build around the events that happened at a week like this many years ago.
  • This week is known as the passion week.
  • Today being a Friday, we are reflecting on the death of Jesus on the cross.
  • All that Jesus went through came to a climax on Friday on the cross.
  • The theme of the sermon is in Luke 23:47 where an army man said that certainly Jesus was a righteous man.
  •  There are four things that we learn about righteousness from Jesus. These are: –

1. Jesus accepted to bear the cross. For us to be righteous we must be ready to bear the cross with Jesus. Remember it is easier said than done. That is why righteousness has never been an easy thing. It is even easy to sing that we desire to carry the cross. But when we reflect on the life of Jesus, we realize it is not very easy to carry the cross as many tend to give up at some point.
– Story of people who were carrying crosses and some decided to cut their crosses to make them lighter. At some point they came to a river and were required to use their crosses to cross to the other side. Only those who had not cut their crosses were able to cross the river. Similarly if we do not cut our crosses, we will make it to where God desires us to be.

2. Jesus did not defend himself when falsely accused. We need to have the same attitude. However most Christians are today ready to defend themselves and thus deny God an opportunity to defend them and show their righteousness.

  • There is a kikuyu song recently sang by the Guild that says when battles come into our lives, we should keep quiet. However many are not doing so.
  •  Matthew 5:10 blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake.

3. Jesus overcame because of realizing the secret of seeking the Lord and allowing the will of God to be done. Jesus commited his spirit to God on the cross. This is the same attitude that we are called upon to have and know the secret of trusting God for His grace is sufficient for us.

  •  James 2:3 –  Abramham believed God and it was credited to him as rightousness. Because of that even people who were related to Abramham were saved. This is in Genesis 18 when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.
  •  Our country is at a place that can be compared with Sodom and Gomorah. The righteousness of Abramham rescued Lot and his daughters. Even today what will save Kenya is righteousness of those who are righteous.
  •  Abramham had pleaded with God to spare the city if he had found only ten righteous people.
  •  If we are more than ten righteous people and stand in righteousness, God will save this nation.

4. Jesus brought benefits to many. Righteousness brings benefits. When Jesus was crucified, people cast lots to share the belonging of Jesus. Meaning even at death Jesus was a benefit to many.

  • Proverbs 13:22 a righteous man leaves inheritance to his children and his grandchildren.
  • If our lives are to benefits even our grandchildren, we ought to be righteous.
  •  We have witnessed cases in this country of people who have been wealthy but when they die, their childrebn fight over the wealth and even kill each other. That could be a pointer to an unrighteous living.
  • Let us pursue righteousness so that even when we go, we shall leave people benefiting from our righteousness.

So I say, live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. – Galatians 5:16


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