Returning to God

Preacher : Rev James Muriithi Kaniaru
Message : Returning to God
Readings : Jeremiah 6:8-16, Acts 2:37-47

            God is warning us in Jeremiah 6:11 that He is tired of restraining himself.
When someone gets tired of restraining himself it means that he will take action.
          Jeremiah is calling us to return to the straight path that we used to walk in the past. According to Jeremiah we have all sinned. This means that no one is exempt from the warning.
The warning is that God is gong to turn away from us and leave us in ruins.
               God says He will destroy even the remnants.
 However, God is giving us an opportunity to return to Him.
          God tells us that the mistake we did is that when we got to the junction we took the wrong path.God is therefore calling us to return to the junction and choose the straight path that leads to righteousness.
In the second reading, Peter calls people to return to God.
The people asked Peter what they were required to do to return to God.
          Peter told them to repent and be baptised and they would receive the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the fuel that keeps us Christians moving on.
The qualification to receive the Holy Spirit is repentance.
           In Revelation,  there was a church which was called upon to buy purified gold.
Salvation is the purified gold that we are called upon to buy.
Even today Jesus is calling us to buy the purified gold, which is salvation.
 Let’s respond to that call and receive salvation.


Jeremiah 6:8-16 –  More Click.<Jeremiah 6>

16 This is what the Lord says:

“Stand at the crossroads and look;
    ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
    and you will find rest for your souls.
    But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’
17 I appointed watchmen over you and said,
    ‘Listen to the sound of the trumpet!’
    But you said, ‘We will not listen.’
18 Therefore hear, you nations;
    you who are witnesses,
    observe what will happen to them.
19 Hear, you earth:
    I am bringing disaster on this people,
    the fruit of their schemes,
because they have not listened to my words
    and have rejected my law.

Acts 2:37-47 – More Click. <Acts  2>

37 When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?”

38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39 The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.”

40 With many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” 41 Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

Venue: Pcea Thome Parish Church

DATE: April 20, 2016

We must return to the place of our father

Preacher : Ev Ann Mugure Kamura
Message : We must return to the place of our father
Reading : Genesis 35:1-13
Call to worship: 1Corinthians 13:13

13 ‘And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love’.

 We  need to remind ourselves that the battle does not belong to us but to our father God. We should therefore let God fight for us as when we fight for ourselves, God leaves us alone.
              From the reading, we see God talking to Jacob. This means our God is a God who talks unlike other gods. He is also a God who hears our cry. We can see this when He told Moses that He had heard the cry of the Israelites.
                 From the reading, God told Jacob to go to Bethel which was a place of worship. Jacob remembered that when he was running away from his brother Esau, he met God at Bethel.  Jacob therefore decided to go Bethel but before that he called his household and informed them of the same.
It is important to call your people at all times to inform them of what is going on.Even when you call people when may be your child is going abroad, it is important to call them when the child returns.
              Jacob told his people that they needed to remove all foreign gods/idols among them so that they may be able to go and worship God.
Whatever you glorify more than God is your idol. Be it business or people. Whatever we need is between us and God. We only need to pray for it. However some of us when we get blessed we tend to forget God. The second thing that Jacob told his people was to purify themselves. We need to purify ourselves from such things as hatred and lack of peace.

For us to have peace we ought to begin with having peace within ourselves as the book of Colossians 3:15-16 says. We at times criticise most of the things we see around us because the peace of Christ has not worked in us.We must get rid of the things that hinder us from being acceptable before God.”
           Jacob also told his people to change their clothes.
We  need to change our clothes, which are those things that make us not have fellowship with one another and with God.  The call to worship has challenged us that the greatest of all is LOVE.

Story of how monkeys…..
Story of how monkeys attacked farms in Kitale and a meeting was called by the chief on a Sunday afternoon.  People came to the meeting with some coming with their dogs. You know dogs when in public they mostly want to take the front places. One dog stretched itself and scratched another dog. The owner of the scratched dog hit the dog that scratched her dog. Then the owner of the dog that was hit attacked the lady who had hit it and there was a commotion.  By the time the chief arrived, people had taken sides and were busy fighting while the dogs were just relaxing. In the meantime , the monkeys were still devouring the farms.

Similarly,  we could be fighting on non-isssues and forgetting the real issues.
     Jacob then took the things which were not in accordance to worshiping God such as ornaments and  burned them. God came to Jacob and told him that he was blessed.
It is a great thing to be blessed as when that happens even what you touch gets blessed.
       God also told Jacob that his name will change from Jacob to Isreal.
When we return to God, He changes our names from the worst to the best. 

Illustration of how men change the way they have saved a lady whom they love in their phones. After meeting, may be he saves her by her name, after marriage he may save her as honey, later wife, later home etc. This means the name changes to the worst.
         God will change our names for the better.
 Most of the time we save people in our phones based on what they do. Such as Kamau butcher, Njoroge farmer etc. Some of these names have negative connections.
 God will change us from being known negatively to being known positively.
       The third thing that God told Jacob is that he would bear fruits.
 When we return to God, He will make us fruitful. God will make us increase even in numbers as He said that kings will even come from among us.
         God finally told Jacob that He will include him in the list of those that God had blessed such as Abraham and Isaac.
When we return  to God, He will include us among those He has already blessed.
      We have had a challenge of alcoholism mainly in  Central Kenya. Some of the affected men would even steal anything to sell to buy their drink. Due to the challenge some people resulted in locking everything in the bedroom to avoid them from being stolen. Therefore the bedrooms become so stuffy and unconducive contrary to what they are supposed to be.
    Similarly, we may have defiled our spiritual bedrooms with all sorts of evil things. God is calling us to clean our spiritual bedrooms so that He may dwell in us.

Story of a Boy….
      Story of a boy who did KCPE and would discuss with his father how the exam was in the evening after the exams. The first two days they discussed and they were happy that the boy had done well.  The third and the last day was for social studies and there was a question about which mountain lies between  Kenya and Uganda.  The boy told his father that he wrote Mt. Kenya. His father told him he was wrong since it was Mt. Elgon that lies between Kenya and Uganda. They confirmed the answer from the atlas and the boy was very disappointed that he would fail that question and he wanted to pass all questions and go to his dream high school.  The boy went to his room disappointed. He then remembered that the Bible says that when we pray, God would move mountains.  The boy therefore prayed that God would move Mt. Kenya to the boundary of Kenya and Uganda so that he could pass that question. His mother who was a member of the evangelism team tried talking to him to eat but he refused.  He challanged his mother to believe with him in his prayer but his mother thought otherwise and encouraged him that even if he failed that one question, he would still pass the rest and go to his dream school. Unfortunately, the van which was transporting the answer papers in the evening had an accident and was burned together with the answer papers for social studies.  The education officials decided to call the students of that centre early the next morning to redo the same exam and the boy had an opportunity to write the correct answer because of his faith. He challenged his parents that God had heard his prayers. When we return to God, He will hear our prayers and move mountains.

Venue: PCEA Joseph Ngwaci Memorial Church

DATE: Apr 3, 2016 

Getting up and picking your Mat

Preacher : Ev. Njoki Rie
Message : Getting up and picking your mat
Reading : John 5:1-9

                Jesus was in Bethsaida and there was a pool where the sick people were waiting to be healed.  Jesus went specifically to one man who had been sick for 38 years and was waiting for healing.

 The tradition was that an angel would come and stir the water and whoever got in first got healed. Most probably this man had been brought at the pool by his relatives who may have given up and left him there alone.
 I tend to imagine there was a huge line of sick people waiting to be healed by the pool.  Remember about the issue of Loliodo where there was a man who was claimed to have healing power. People used to line up to be healed.
          Similar thing may have been happening at Bethsaida.  When Jesus met this man he asked him if he wanted to get healed.  But the man started telling Jesus his story and how he had spend so much time waiting for healing. The man did not know he was speaking to Jesus.
Even us at times when Jesus asks us whether we want to get healed or delivered we start giving him stories. At times we tend to listen to the discouraging voice of the devil as opposed to listening to God. When Jesus comes he converts your miseries into blessings.
        The Bible talks about how John in the book of Revelation was worried about who would open the seals. He was told by an angel not to worry because Jesus was qualified to do so.
    The same Jesus is able in our lives. So, It’s wrong to kill your self esteem as when that happens even when you are smart you still feel otherwise.
The kingdom of God is for those who will carry their cross to the end. It is very bad to remain in our positions for long. We need to get up and advance.
When God talks even the demons shiver. In the olden days, there used to be a tablet known as APC, which was used as a cure for everything ailment.
     In church today we need APC which is interpreted as follows.
A stands for Available. You need to be available, which is also known as the presence ministry.
P stands for Participation. The church does not belong to a few. It belongs to all of us. Therefore serve God wherever you are.
C stands for Contribution. You need to contribute your ideas in serving God where God has placed you.
             Jesus healed the man on sabbath day, which the religious leaders found contrary to the laws of Moses.
– We should use the sabbath to do good.
           Jesus told the man to get up and pick his mat and go.
 Imagine how the family may have been surprised to see the man whom they had given up on.
 When God comes he even changes what we see as impossible to possible.
              Remember the stories of Sarah and Hannah whom God blessed with sons when it seemed not possible.
 It’s a wonderful thing to receive what you have been seeking God for.
         Remember the Samaritan woman who went proclaiming about Jesus after she met Jesus. The same happens to us.
 When you meet with Jesus your life will never be the same again.  We are not of those who mourn and cry but those who say we have met God. We ought to remember that we have a place we have been called to which is eternal life.  The news of the healing of the man must have been breaking news of that day. 

When God moves in your life it is evident to all.We pray in private and God answers in public. There was much attention about the man and his healing with some criticising his healing.   If you find yourself very popular with the people you need to check your relationship with God. It may be that you are not walking right with God. God uses us for some time in some place and then calls us elsewhere.
      Remember the story of Simon who was forced to carry the cross of Jesus.
 Simon just appeared in the scene at that time and was forced to carry the cross.

 We don’t hear of him anymore. His purpose was just that. It’s time we took up our mats and got up and made progress.

Christ the hope of all glory

Preacher: Joyce Wairimu Mwangi
Message: Christ the hope of all glory
Reading : Luke 24:13-35

– If Christ had not risen the hope of Christianity would be valueless or meaningless.
– This day is therefore an important day for those who believe in Christ.
– The day marks the difference between Christianity and other religions.
– Everyone born die and none has conquered death other than Jesus Christ.
– We do not celebrate a memorial service of Jesus Christ but his resurrection.
– Because Jesus rose again, we have hope that we shall rise again.
– The story of the resurrection of Jesus was big news of that day in Jerusalem.
– If it was in modern day, the news would have been the headlines in all media.
– Some would have said Jesus has gone missing, Jesus has been stolen or who has seen Jesus.
– From the reading we see two men walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus and Jesus joining them.
– These two men were discussing about the big news of the disappearance of Jesus from the tomb.
– These men were worried about what had happened.
– The were going to Emmaus when Jesus appeared to them.
– Jesus asked them what they were talking about and they were surprised that Jesus did not know about the latest news in town.
– They expressed how they had had hope in Jesus that he would redeem them but he had been crucified three days ago and how some people had said that he was missing from the grave.
– These men had lost hope and that may have been the reason that they were going from Jerusalem to Emmaus.
– They didn’t know what to do and thus could have been running away from reality of what was happening in Jerusalem.
– Jesus then explained to them about the scriptures concerning himself.
– As they approached where they were going, Jesus acted as if he was going further but they asked him to stay with them, which he agreed.
– He then took bread and broke and gave it to them and their eyes were opened and they realized it was Jesus.
– Jesus then disappeared from their midst.
– These two men could not hold it anymore and went back to Jerusalem that very hour of the evening to tell the disciples that Jesus had risen.
– When Christ is in our lives, we have hope and our lives become meaningful.
– Hope can be defined as a healthy opportunity for people everywhere.
– Jesus has given us hope that this life is not the end and that there is life after death.
– Jesus gave us the assurance that there is life after death.
– Story of a boy who entered into a room and found four candles known as peace, love, faith and hope which were burning.
– The boy left the room for sometime and when he came back he found three candles had gone off. The boy asked the candles why they had gone off and they responded as follows:-
– Peace said the world is full of violence and thus it decided to go off.
– Love said people had forgotten it and thus it decided to go off.
– Faith said it was indispensable and since nobody can practice it anymore it decided to go off.
– Hope which was still burning told the boy not to worry since as long as it was alive, it could light all the other candles.
– When we have Christ in our lives we have hope and we can light peace, love and faith in our lives.
– Christ has risen to give us hope that whatever may come on our ways, He can light our lives.
– Whatever has gone off, when you trust Christ our hope, He will be able to light it up again.
– Jesus will give us joy, peace, love, faith and all we need as we serve Him here on earth and eventually He will give us eternal life.


Preacher : Samuel Kirui (Riruta Baptist Church)
Message : Evangelism
Readings :  Acts 8:26-39, Matthew 28:18-20, Isaiah 6:8

– The first reading talks about Philip who was dedicated to reaching others for salvation.
– One day he was instructed by the Holy Spirit to go down the road. He was not given further instructions.
– Philip believed and started walking down the road.
– There he met an Ethiopian official,  a very senior man in the government of Ethiopia in a chariot.
– Philip was instructed to cross over and walk besides the chariot carrying the senior official.
– He was invited into the chariot by the Ethiopian official who was reading the scriptures.
– Philip asked him whether he knew what he was reading and he answered by saying how would he have known unless someone explains to him.
– The Ethiopian official was coming from Jerusalem to worship yet it seems he did not know who he was worshipping.
– Similarly even us today, we could be worshipping without knowing whom we worship.
– We worship God with our time and financial resources among others.
– We who serve God and come to worship yet we don’t know Jesus as our saviour, we are doing ourselves a disservice.
– Philip was sent to the Ethiopian official to explain to him so that he could understand and gain eternal life.
– The second reading tells us of the commissioning that we were given by Jesus to disciple others.
– We were all reached by someone for us to hear and respond to the word of God.
– Evangelism is reaching the unreached including those in the church living in rebellion.
– 2 Corinthians 3:2-3, says we are letter written by Jesus that should be read by those who are lost.
– The lost includes those who are involved in corruption, alcoholism and trade in illicit brew.
– The lost also include thieves and lies and those who worship material things.
– Isaiah 6:8 asks who will go for the Lord. Isaiah answered he would go.
– Many give excuses of not going to serve God.
– When Jesus met the Samaritan woman, she went spreading the gospel about Jesus.
– Paul when he was called went all over serving God and preaching God everywhere he went.
– We are required to go to all places to spread the gospel to all places including the hospitals,  prisons etc.
– Mark 16:15 tells us to go everywhere and reach the people.
– 1 Peter 3:15-16, we have to reach people with a lot of gentleness and respect.
– We need to mobilise resources for evangelism.
– We also need to give ourselves physically to evangelise.
– We must carry our salvation package with us when we go for evangelism.
– The salvation package (things you need to tell people you are evangelising to) includes: –

1.  God loves you John 3:16
2. Satan or the devil cannot allow you to reach God. Romans 3:23. Romans 6:23. The wages of sin is death but those who know Jesus have eternal life.
3. John 1:11-12 Jesus came to his people who refused him but to all who received him they became the children of God.
4. What is your decison. Give someone an opportunity to make the decison to receive Jesus. Revelation 3:20, God is ready waiting to receive you. If a person gets saved, you need to make a follow up within 48hours because if you don’t do so, the devil will follow this person and make him worse than he was.  Thereafter you also need to do further follow up.

–   When you meet a person who you want to evangelise to, you must start by introducing yourself and getting a point of engaging about God.
– Just like a fridge becomes useless if it is not connected to power. Similarly, we are also useless unless we are connected to God.
– When I go for evangelism, I give this illustration. If you were in a place where on one side people are dancing and worshipping God and Jesus is at the door while on the other side there are people burning with more fuel being added and the devil standing at the door. You can only be allowed to go to where Jesus is if you knew and accepted him otherwise you will be thrown into the fire where the devil is.
– We ought to ask ourselves whether we are willing to obey our Lord in the area of evangelism. May we respond to this call for evangelism.

Jesus our Healer

Preacher : Elder Kenneth Kibathi
Message : Jesus our Healer
Reading : Mark 2:1-12

– This was at a time after Jesus had healed a man who had leprosy and this had made Jesus very popular. 

– The  people had many challenges and thus Jesus could not hide from them.
– At this time, Jesus was in a house teaching about the word of God.
– People came with a sick man and brought him to where Jesus was.
– These people knew that this person who had become very popular was the only one who could solve their problem.
– They therefore devised their own way of opening the roof and bringing the sick  man right to where Jesus was.
– At times we face very difficult situations and we try to get help from men but they fail us.
– When Jesus saw the faith of the men, he told the sick man that his sins had been forgiven.
– Many people today are sick both physically, emotionally and mentally and it’s only God who can help them.
– The sick man had paralysis and therefore taking care of him was a challenge.
– They men may have tried other doctors and eventually realized that it was only Jesus who could heal the paralytic man.
– When we realize that God has power and go to him, whatever mess we are in will be solved.
– Jesus came to heal the bodies and souls of men.
– Remember that the body can die but the soul will continue living.
– This means that we can get healed physically but remain with sick souls.
– The purpose of God sending Jesus Christ was to save people so that their souls may not go to hell but have eternal life.
– When we are sick we need someone who will heal our souls and therefore our bodies too as some of our sickness comes from sins.
– Jesus is the only one who has power to heal and save us from sins.
– Jesus also demonstrated to the teachers of the law that he had the authority to heal and forgive sins.
– Remember the teachers of the law were always around Jesus yet they seem not to have realized about the power of Jesus.
– This tells us that you could be with people who ought to know God but yet they do not know him and his power.
– We need to examine ourselves to determine where we have put Christ. Have we put him as the centre of attraction in our lives?
-In the times we are living in there are so many things that are affecting our lives. However, there is hope in the son of the living God.
– Let us realize the power and the mercy of Jesus is within us.
– Jesus knew what the people were thinking and similarly Jesus knows what is troubling us today.
– When Jesus saw the men who had brought the paralytic man, he was moved by their faith.
– The ailing of our bodies should not separate us from the love of God.
– Christ is calling for those people who will realize that it is only him who will save them.
– Jesus is the one every person ought to run to for he is mercifull and concerned with your life.
– Jesus left all that was good in heaven to come and save us.
– We therefore ought to acknowledge our sins before God so that we can be saved.
– We will never be good here or in heaven without repenting our sins.
– The times we are living in are hard and we need the saviour Jesus Christ.
– The saving grace is here and not in heaven. We therefore need to get saved here.
– Jesus went to prepare a place for us in heaven and we will only get there by confessing our sins and getting saved by Jesus Christ.
– The Lord Jesus is coming soon to take his church home and not to save.
– We ought to realize that we need Jesus Christ now to save us.
– The Bible says that in a twinkling of an eye we will hear the trumpet and Jesus will have taken his church.
– This is therefore the highest opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as your saviour.
– Today is the day of salvation. Would you want to receive the mercy of God and get saved today?
– If so, the opportunity is now, give your life to Jesus Christ.

Burial Service Sermon of the Late Elder John Waweru

Preacher : Rev Samson Mina Wangati ( Moderator PCEA Nairobi North Presbytery)
Message : Harmony
Reading : John 14: 17-43

You have to work for harmony and thus you need to practice it just like we practice singing to be able to sing perfectly. 

– Harmony is not something that is easily gotten.
– The Bible reading tells of a family of three namely Lazarus, Martha and Mary.
– They always lived in harmony and as a result Jesus become their friend.
– They are mentioned severally in the Bible.
– They used to host Jesus and his entourage. We know how big the entourage of Jesus was.
– The friendship of Jesus and Lazarus was evident and when Lazarus fell sick, the sisters knew Jesus would come immediately they send for him.
– They knew where Jesus was and send for him with confidence he would come.
– Friends ought to have confidence in each other and know where to find each other.
– Jesus was about 3kms away from where Lazarus was and thus Jesus would have gotten to Lazarus’s hime in good time.
– However, Jesus did not go at that time but went at this own time so that God would be glorified.
– It also means that there are times when God will take time to fulfill our prayers.
– When Jesus finally got there, Lazarus was already dead and buried.
– When Jesus got there, Martha went to meet him in a friendly manner.
– Ordinarily, the family would have thought that Jesus would have left everything to be with them but this was not the case.
– But despite all that Mary and Martha had done to Jesus, he delayed in getting to their home. This would have upset them but that was not the case.
– When Martha got to Jesus, she told him that had he been there Lazarus would not have died.
– She told him so without bitterness as would have been ordinarily expected.
– What you do with your friends when  they have let you down demonstrates how you react to God in such circumstances.
– Martha choose to be better instead of being bitter with Jesus. We should emulate that.
– It is better to love than to hate when confronted with such circumstances.
– People have done a lot of damage by choosing to be bitter.
– Martha choose not to be bitter despite having reasons to do so. We should emulate the same with our families and friends.
– Jesus talked to Martha and asked her whether she still believed in him even when he had let her down. She answered in affirmative.
– Where there is harmony God commands his blessings.
– Lets learn from the example of Martha in bringing harmony in our families and friends.
– A story of a man who was being buried and when every body stood the family was left seating. The family said they didn’t know whom they were burying given what people had said about him. This shows there was no harmony in that family.
– Today we are witnessing harmony in the family of the late Elder John Waweru.
– As we have heard from the family, he used to encourage them to be united.
– When Mary heard that Jesus was outside, she went to meet him and told him exactly what Martha had said.
– That demonstrates unity in their family in that they spoke with one voice.
– In Genesis 11, we see a people deciding to build in harmony with what they had.
– God is always faithful and will be with you.
– We need harmony in all areas of our lives.
– With harmony you are going to succeed.
– Story of a great football fan who was elderly at the point of death, he choose to leave his club which he had supported all his years. People could not understand why. When he was asked why he responded that he did so so that when he dies, it will be his new club that will loose a member and not the club he had loved for many years.
– If you have to change, change for a good reason.
– Because of the harmony in Lazarus’s family, Jesus raised him from the dead.
– God commands a blessed where there is harmony.

Involving God

Preacher: James Minjire Maingi (from PCEA Evergreen)
Message: Involving God
Reading: John 2:1-11

– Jesus was in Cana of Galilee attending a wedding when the wine got finished.

– Jesus mother was also in the wedding and Jesus and his discplies had been invited to the wedding.
– We have also been to wedding and participated in preparation of the same.
– When the wine got finished, Jesus’s mother went to Jesus and told him they had no wine.
– Jesus asked her why she was involving him.
– His mother did not respond but told the people to do what Jesus would tell them.
– Jesus then directed them to fill the jars with water and then draw it and take it to the master of ceremony.
– When they did so, they realized that it had turned into wine.

Lessons learnt from the story are: –

1. Invite Jesus in all you do.
– Jesus was invited to the wedding and came to their rescue.
– It is very important to invite Jesus in all we do. Even when you prepare to do something, begin with prayers to invite Jesus because you never know when you may run out of resources and need Jesus.

2. Learn to involve God directly
– When Jesus’s mother talked to Jesus, he called her you woman. Jesus may have wondered why the MC or owner of the wedding were not involving him directly.
– From the above, we learnt that it is important to involve Jesus directly in whatever you are doing.
– At times we sent prayer items to others to pray for us for things we can pray directly to God.
– Gave story of when a brother had involved them to fast and pray for him when they were in campus. One brother decided to check on the brother who had asked them to pray and fast and found him in his room covering himself with a blanket eating bread yet he was supposed to be praying and fasting with them.
– It is also important to teach others to pray for themselves and especially our children even as we pray for them.
– It is important to know God is always with you despite the circumstances you may find yourself in.

3. Learn to do what God tells you to do.
– When Jesus told his mother that his time was not yet, his mother told the people to do whatever Jesus would tell them to do.
– When Isrealites complained against Moses because of thirst because the water was bitter, Moses prayed to God and God directed him to put a piece of wood into the water and it turned from bitter to sweet water.
– Logically, wood would not turn bitter water into sweet water but when God directs we need to obey for he performs according to his word.
– Gave a story of a person who went to pray in a church Nanyuki the whole night but felt nothing happened to his prayers. When morning came and as he was going home, he saw a man whose car had been involved in an accident and broken down. God spoke to assist the man but he was reluctant but eventually went and assisted the man repair his vehicle. It took them some time and eventually the vehicles was back on the road. Six months later the two men met and the man who had been assisted was looking for a manager and the man who had assisted got a job as a manager in Nanyuki. By being obedient to God, the man who was praying wqas blessed with a job.

4. Learn to be an empty vessel before God.
– There were empty vessels at the wedding which were used by Jesus in performing the miracle.
– At times we go before God full of what we think should be the way.
– It is good to learn how to be an empty vessel before God so that he may fill us.
– Don’t go to God full of answers like some students do when they pray that God will make them pass but the students carry ‘mwakenyas’ hidden within them.
– Let us learn to go before God empty without giving God direction.
– One drop of paraffin can destroy a whole drum of water.
– If we have that one drop within us it can destroy the good that God would want us to have.

5. Your ending will be better than your beginning.
– The wine that Jesus made was better than the wine they had earlier taken.
– You may have struggled in life but when you learn to trust God, your ending will be better than what you are.
– Whatever you desire, trust in God and he will provide for you and people will wonder what happened to you. Be it peace in the family, capability to serve God better or any other thing, involve and trust God and he will change you and also provide for you.
– It is good to trust and obey God even in giving tithes. Gave story of how he used his tithe to buy a good suit and after he washed and hanged it, that was the last time he saw it and does not know how it disappeared and is eager to know when he gets to heaven whether God took it personally of sent his earthly representative to pick the suit for using the tithe in the wrong way.
– Trust God and he will bless you.

So I say, live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. – Galatians 5:16



Gods Mysterious Ways

Preacher: Ev. George Githaiga Githinji
Message: Jesus a Righteous Man
Reading: Luke 23:44-47

  • Our hope as Christians is build around the events that happened at a week like this many years ago.
  • This week is known as the passion week.
  • Today being a Friday, we are reflecting on the death of Jesus on the cross.
  • All that Jesus went through came to a climax on Friday on the cross.
  • The theme of the sermon is in Luke 23:47 where an army man said that certainly Jesus was a righteous man.
  •  There are four things that we learn about righteousness from Jesus. These are: –

1. Jesus accepted to bear the cross. For us to be righteous we must be ready to bear the cross with Jesus. Remember it is easier said than done. That is why righteousness has never been an easy thing. It is even easy to sing that we desire to carry the cross. But when we reflect on the life of Jesus, we realize it is not very easy to carry the cross as many tend to give up at some point.
– Story of people who were carrying crosses and some decided to cut their crosses to make them lighter. At some point they came to a river and were required to use their crosses to cross to the other side. Only those who had not cut their crosses were able to cross the river. Similarly if we do not cut our crosses, we will make it to where God desires us to be.

2. Jesus did not defend himself when falsely accused. We need to have the same attitude. However most Christians are today ready to defend themselves and thus deny God an opportunity to defend them and show their righteousness.

  • There is a kikuyu song recently sang by the Guild that says when battles come into our lives, we should keep quiet. However many are not doing so.
  •  Matthew 5:10 blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake.

3. Jesus overcame because of realizing the secret of seeking the Lord and allowing the will of God to be done. Jesus commited his spirit to God on the cross. This is the same attitude that we are called upon to have and know the secret of trusting God for His grace is sufficient for us.

  •  James 2:3 –  Abramham believed God and it was credited to him as rightousness. Because of that even people who were related to Abramham were saved. This is in Genesis 18 when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.
  •  Our country is at a place that can be compared with Sodom and Gomorah. The righteousness of Abramham rescued Lot and his daughters. Even today what will save Kenya is righteousness of those who are righteous.
  •  Abramham had pleaded with God to spare the city if he had found only ten righteous people.
  •  If we are more than ten righteous people and stand in righteousness, God will save this nation.

4. Jesus brought benefits to many. Righteousness brings benefits. When Jesus was crucified, people cast lots to share the belonging of Jesus. Meaning even at death Jesus was a benefit to many.

  • Proverbs 13:22 a righteous man leaves inheritance to his children and his grandchildren.
  • If our lives are to benefits even our grandchildren, we ought to be righteous.
  •  We have witnessed cases in this country of people who have been wealthy but when they die, their childrebn fight over the wealth and even kill each other. That could be a pointer to an unrighteous living.
  • Let us pursue righteousness so that even when we go, we shall leave people benefiting from our righteousness.

So I say, live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. – Galatians 5:16


Blessings in a foreign land

There are two concepts that we need to appreciate.
1. What type of a foreign land are we talking about? We have been called by God to our heavenly home. Therefore, we are foreigners in this world.
2. The experiences we go through that are contrary to the design of what God intended for us is also our foreign land.

  •  Joseph was the son of Jacob. He was born when Jacob was old and therefore he was loved more than his brothers.
  •  When his brothers discovered that Joseph was more loved than them, they started to hate him.
  •  Joseph had a dream that showed he would be their ruler and this made his brothers hate him all the more.
  •  Jacob had made a rich ornamental coat for Joseph.
  •  One day Joseph was send to take food to his brothers who were grazing.
  •  However his brothers did not see the good that he was extending by bringing them food, instead they started plotting how to kill him.
  •  One of his brothers managed to convince his brothers not to kill him but to strip him of his ornamental coat and throw him into a pit, which they did.    
  • That was the first foreign land that Joseph found himself in. We may have found oursleves in such foreign lands when people turn against us.
  •  As Joseph was in the pit, traders passed by and his brothers sold him as a slave to these traders who took him to Egypt and sold him to pontifer.
  •  Here Joseph was in a foreign land but still had the favour and presences of God was still with him. We may also finds ourselves in physical foreign lands.
  •  Whatever situation you will ever find yourself in a foreign land, ensure the presence of God is always with you.
  •  Pontifer’s wife noticed Joseph and wanted to befriend him but Joseph refused because of his faith and love of God.

We learn the following from Joseph’s story: –

1. We may find ourselves in difficult situations, which will be our foreign lands. The difficulties could be temptations, lack of needs, hatred,  rejection etc. However, when that happens we should ensure we have the presence of God with us. Joseph landed in prison because of his stand on his God but even in jail God was still with Joseph. While in prison, Joseph interpreted dreams of the King’s officials and one of them was to be restored. Joseph requested him to remember him when he was restored but the official forgot him for two years. People may forget you but God will never forget you. After two years God remembered Joseph and through the King’s dream elevated Joseph.

2. You may be in foreign land but it is not forever. Whatever negative situations you are in, get enocuraged that they will come to an end. People may see you in all manner of ways just like Joseph’s brothers saw a useless dreamer, the slave traders saw a good slave, pontifer saw a good worker while pontifer’s wife saw a potential boyfriend. However, God always saw a prime minister of Egypt in Joseph. When people see you as being useless and good for other selfish needs, remember God is seeing great potential in you. Even in foreign lands God will always see you with the potential he has created you with.

  • When Joseph got married he named his first son Manaseh saying God had made him forget all his troubles. Then he got a second son and called him Ephraim saying God had made him fruitful in a foreign land.
  •  When we trust God, He will make us forget our troubles and be fruitful in foreign lands if we let his presence go with us.
  • Whatever Joseph went through did not discourage him from trusting in God and eventually becoming the prime minister of Egypt.
  •  Whatever situation you face, always remember that God has good plans for you and you should therefore trust in Him.
  • So I say, live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. – Galatians 5:16

Preacher: Ev. George Githaiga Githinji
Message: Blessings in a foreign land
Readings: Genesis 41:42-52, Revelation 21:1-5