Blessings in a foreign land

There are two concepts that we need to appreciate.
1. What type of a foreign land are we talking about? We have been called by God to our heavenly home. Therefore, we are foreigners in this world.
2. The experiences we go through that are contrary to the design of what God intended for us is also our foreign land.

  •  Joseph was the son of Jacob. He was born when Jacob was old and therefore he was loved more than his brothers.
  •  When his brothers discovered that Joseph was more loved than them, they started to hate him.
  •  Joseph had a dream that showed he would be their ruler and this made his brothers hate him all the more.
  •  Jacob had made a rich ornamental coat for Joseph.
  •  One day Joseph was send to take food to his brothers who were grazing.
  •  However his brothers did not see the good that he was extending by bringing them food, instead they started plotting how to kill him.
  •  One of his brothers managed to convince his brothers not to kill him but to strip him of his ornamental coat and throw him into a pit, which they did.    
  • That was the first foreign land that Joseph found himself in. We may have found oursleves in such foreign lands when people turn against us.
  •  As Joseph was in the pit, traders passed by and his brothers sold him as a slave to these traders who took him to Egypt and sold him to pontifer.
  •  Here Joseph was in a foreign land but still had the favour and presences of God was still with him. We may also finds ourselves in physical foreign lands.
  •  Whatever situation you will ever find yourself in a foreign land, ensure the presence of God is always with you.
  •  Pontifer’s wife noticed Joseph and wanted to befriend him but Joseph refused because of his faith and love of God.

We learn the following from Joseph’s story: –

1. We may find ourselves in difficult situations, which will be our foreign lands. The difficulties could be temptations, lack of needs, hatred,  rejection etc. However, when that happens we should ensure we have the presence of God with us. Joseph landed in prison because of his stand on his God but even in jail God was still with Joseph. While in prison, Joseph interpreted dreams of the King’s officials and one of them was to be restored. Joseph requested him to remember him when he was restored but the official forgot him for two years. People may forget you but God will never forget you. After two years God remembered Joseph and through the King’s dream elevated Joseph.

2. You may be in foreign land but it is not forever. Whatever negative situations you are in, get enocuraged that they will come to an end. People may see you in all manner of ways just like Joseph’s brothers saw a useless dreamer, the slave traders saw a good slave, pontifer saw a good worker while pontifer’s wife saw a potential boyfriend. However, God always saw a prime minister of Egypt in Joseph. When people see you as being useless and good for other selfish needs, remember God is seeing great potential in you. Even in foreign lands God will always see you with the potential he has created you with.

  • When Joseph got married he named his first son Manaseh saying God had made him forget all his troubles. Then he got a second son and called him Ephraim saying God had made him fruitful in a foreign land.
  •  When we trust God, He will make us forget our troubles and be fruitful in foreign lands if we let his presence go with us.
  • Whatever Joseph went through did not discourage him from trusting in God and eventually becoming the prime minister of Egypt.
  •  Whatever situation you face, always remember that God has good plans for you and you should therefore trust in Him.
  • So I say, live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature. – Galatians 5:16

Preacher: Ev. George Githaiga Githinji
Message: Blessings in a foreign land
Readings: Genesis 41:42-52, Revelation 21:1-5

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