BLAME GAME- January 15th


Bible Reading 

  • Genesis 3:18
  • Luke 11:24


Gen 3:18

  • Creation story,  God had given  man dominion over everything.
  • man was missing out on something though. He  wanted  to eat from  the  tree  of knowledge. Woman was innocent,  man had received direct instructions from God not to eat from the tree.
  • God appeared, the man knowing what they had done instructed the woman that they hide.
  • God asked them “where are you?”  that is a question He asks us.
  • God asked why they were hiding, the man said they had taken the fruit, He asked why, he said the woman made him. He did not want to take responsibility.
  • God asked the woman,  she said the serpent made her. She did not want to take responsibility.
  • There are people who if they are late for a service they blame their husband, wife and family. They do not take responsibility. 
  • We keep on blaming others. We should purpose to take responsibility and avoid the blame game. 
Luke 11:24
  • A wise boy who wanted to be responsible for making his own money.
  • He told his father to give him his inheritance and he misused it.
  • When he started eating pigs food he didn’t blame anyone.
  • People blame their parents for their lack of education. There is always something that you have contributed,  let us ask ourselves this year in retrospect ‘How did I contribute to this situation?’
  • God is always glad when we get back to him.

If Adam went on his knees said God forgive me, do you think God would have been angry?

Even in voting some won’t vote but the following morning after the results  they will start blaming people.
Let us stop blaming everyone this year.  Let us blame ourselves and go before God who will guide us through the situation.

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