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Rejoice, God has given us His Best

Preacher : Elder Edward Kariuki Ikegu Message : Rejoice, God has given us His Best Readings : 1 Peter 3-9, Malachi 1:6-8 As we rejoice because Christ has risen, let us ask ourselves, is God happy with us  An illustration of a boy and his sister who were playing Noah and the ark using a […]

Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Preacher : Elder Sospeter Mburu Mungai Message : Fruit of the Holy Spirit Readings : Galatians 5:22-23, Colossians 3 : 12-18 Galatians 5:22-23 talks about the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The first fruit we will look into is the self control. The Holy Spirit helps us to have self control against what the flesh […]

The Reason why Christ was made Manifest

Preacher: Elder Wamagata Kairu wa Njeri (Wama G) Message: The reason why Christ was made manifest Reading: 1 John 3:4-10 Today is Friday and ordinarily we don’t come to church, there is a reason why we are here, but do we know the reason? The real reason? Whenever anything happens there is a reason to […]

BLAME GAME- January 15th

  Bible Reading  Genesis 3:18 Luke 11:24 Gen 3:18 Creation story,  God had given  man dominion over everything. man was missing out on something though. He  wanted  to eat from  the  tree  of knowledge. Woman was innocent,  man had received direct instructions from God not to eat from the tree. God appeared, the man knowing what […]